Proton Neckband

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Proton M Neckband P5 Ash

Proton M Neckband P5 Ash

Buy Proton Neckband at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Proton is a Bangladeshi brand renowned for its top-quality mobile phones and accessories. Now, Proton brings you the perfect neckband at an unbeatable price! Proton neckbands are crafted for your comfort and convenience, making it easy to enjoy your favorite music or take calls while on the move. Constructed with high-quality materials, they promise durability and long-lasting performance.

Expect nothing but the best with Proton, impeccable sound quality and stylish design. Whether you're jogging, working out, or just chilling at home, these neckbands offer the ultimate audio experience.

What is the Price of Proton Neckband in Bangladesh? provides Proton neckbands at budget-friendly prices, ranging from only ৳520 to ৳1,000 and beyond. Look at our Proton neckband assortment and discover the perfect match for your requirements.