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D-Link CAT6 Connector

D-Link CAT6 Connector

Buy Connector in Bangladesh at an Affordable Price

Connectors are essential components that make sure your electronic gadgets and appliances work seamlessly. Whether it's your smartphone charger, laptop cable, or even the wires inside your home, connectors play a crucial role in keeping things connected. Using the right connectors ensures a safe and efficient flow of electricity or data, reducing the risk of accidents and data loss. Plus, they make your life easier by simplifying the task of plugging and unplugging devices. So, if you're searching for reliable connectors in Bangladesh, look no further. Affordable connectors not only save you money but also bring you peace of mind by enhancing the performance and durability of your devices.

Types of Connectors 

At, we offer a range of connector types to suit your connectivity needs. Our selection includes the versatile RJ45 Connector, perfect for linking your computer to a LAN network via an ethernet cable. The CAT-6A Connector ensures fast and dependable data transfer by connecting ethernet cables to your devices. Our LAN Connector serves as the essential socket for connecting computers, consoles, and servers to your LAN network and the internet. We also provide Modular Connectors for both RJ45 and RJ11 connections, making your network setup a breeze. 

What is the Price of Connector in Bangladesh? provides Connector at budget-friendly prices, ranging from only ৳3 to ৳1,995 and beyond. Look at our Connector assortment and discover the perfect match for your requirements.