Antec Atom V450 Non-Modular IN SMPS Gaming Power Supply


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The Antec Atom V450 is a 450 watt power supply unit (PSU) designed for computers. It's a good option for basic computer builds and can even handle some gaming setups. It provides 450 watts of continuous power, which is enough to power most processors and graphics cards. It has a quiet 120mm fan to keep things cool and runs on a standard voltage range (100VAC-240VAC) so you shouldn't need a special adapter. Keep in mind that this is a non-modular PSU, so the cables are attached directly to the unit and cannot be removed.

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Model: V450
Guaranteed Continuous Power: 450W
Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
Voltage: 100VAC - 240VAC
Fan Size: 120mm Silence Fan
Input Voltage: 100VAC - 240VAC
Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
Current: 5A
Output Modular Type: Non-Modular
Total Power: 450 Watt
Connector PCI-E: 1 x 8 (6+2)-pin PCI-E
Connector SATA: 3 x SATA
Connector Molex: 2 x Molex