Wasp Feelers Gaming Finger Cover


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The Wasp Feelers Gaming Finger Cover is a practical accessory to enhance your gaming experience. With its sweat-proof and breathable features, the Wasp Feelers 2 Finger Sleeve ensures that you, as a gamer, stay comfortable and dry during intense gaming sessions. This generic gaming finger sleeve is also sensitive to touchscreens, allowing you to maintain precision and responsiveness while gaming. 

The Fingerprint-proof design adds a layer of convenience, keeping your devices clean and smudge-free. Whether you're a severe gamer or simply engaging in casual gaming, the Flydigi Wasp Feelers 2 Finger Sleeve is a straightforward and effective solution to improve your gaming comfort.

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Wasp Feelers 2 Finger Sleeve Sweat-Proof
Gaming Finger Cover
Generic-Gaming Finger Sleeve
Touchscreen Thumb Sleeve Sensitive Sweat-proof
Fingerprint-proof Breathable Finger Sleeve
Flydigi Wasp Feelers 2 Finger Sleeve