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Buying an ASUS Monitor in Bangladesh at an Affordable Price

Asus, a multinational company from Taiwan, is known for its wide range of computer components and systems, including monitors, desktops, laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, and routers. Asus holds nearly a 6.5% market share in the global PC components market. Their monitors are popular in Bangladesh due to their exceptional performance. Asus is a go-to brand for gamers, dedicated to delivering innovative and user-friendly devices.

Asus offers diverse monitor options, catering to various needs, available in Bangladesh through retail outlets and online stores at different price points. When buying an Asus monitor in Bangladesh, assess specifications like screen size, resolution, and refresh rate, along with any additional features. For the best Asus monitor deals in Bangladesh, consider, an established retailer + e-commerce. Our product lineup spans computer components, laptops, tablets, servers, and phones.

Variety of ASUS Monitors

ASUS offers a diverse range of monitors to meet various needs. For gamers, ASUS has been a pioneer in gaming monitor technology, introducing innovations like the world's first 144Hz commercial gaming monitor in 2012 and 1440p resolution Nvidia G-Sync displays. They've continued to push boundaries, achieving 360Hz refresh rates and 4K HDR with 144Hz by 2020. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) Swift series is perfect for gaming enthusiasts.

Creative minds can turn to the ProArt monitor series for modern technology. ProArt displays feature mini-LED backlights, OLED screens, and ASUS Smart HDR technology, making them ideal for artists and content creators. For those who appreciate aesthetics, the Designo MX series offers monitors with exquisite sundial-inspired designs. ASUS has a monitor for everyone, whether you're a gamer, artist, professional, or seeking an immersive visual experience.

ASUS Monitors for Professional, Gaming, and Home Use

ASUS monitors are known for their excellence in various product categories, including monitors. These monitors prioritize exceptional performance, offering outstanding resolution and color accuracy suitable for professional work, gaming, and home use. They also feature eye-protection technology to reduce blue light emissions, allowing for extended usage.

ASUS offers a variety of monitor sizes to cater to different preferences. What distinguishes ASUS monitors are their three dedicated sub-brands: ROG, TUF, and ProArt. ROG and TUF series monitors are designed for gaming, featuring high refresh rates, rapid response times, and support for technologies like Freesync and G-Sync. ASUS gaming monitors have gained popularity among Bangladeshi gamers.

On the other hand, the ASUS ProArt series is tailored for professionals in fields like photography, graphics design, and video editing. These monitors provide precise color representation and high-quality images. They also offer multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB ports, and DisplayPort, making them compatible with gaming consoles and peripheral devices.

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