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Buying Processor in Bangladesh at an Affordable Price

Computer processors, such as those manufactured by Intel and AMD, serve as the vital brains of any system, managing user input, running applications, delivering results, and handling data storage. In Bangladesh, processors are available at various price points, ranging from older to newer models. When building a desktop PC, it's crucial to research processor prices and explore different models.

Processors, also known as CPUs, are the core components of computers, residing inside and serving as the system's brain. Most desktops in Bangladesh use Intel or AMD CPUs with x86 architecture. Modern CPUs often feature multiple cores for efficient performance. Popular CPU choices in Bangladesh include Intel's Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, which dominate the market. While CPU designs have evolved, their fundamental operation remains the same. When looking for an affordable processor in Bangladesh, consider these factors for smooth and efficient computer performance.

Choose Your Processor: AMD or Intel

In Bangladesh, when selecting a computer processor, you'll likely come across two prominent names: Intel and AMD. While AMD has gained popularity with its Ryzen series, Intel holds the lion's share of the market. Processors come in various types, but one primary distinction is the brand, with Intel and AMD being the most well-known. Intel's journey in the microprocessor world began with the "Intel 4004" in 1970, bringing about revolutionary changes in computing. Mainframe and minicomputer manufacturers sought to upgrade their architecture, introducing proprietary IC development programs compatible with their older hardware and software. So, whether you opt for Intel or AMD, both companies have played crucial roles in shaping computer processors.

Intel Processors

Upgrade your computer with the latest Intel processor for optimal performance. We offer a wide range of Intel processors, including Core i3, i5, i7, i9, and Intel Xeon Processors, all at competitive prices. Intel recently launched the 11th-generation Rocket Lake desktop processor for cutting-edge performance, but we also have 10th and 9th-generation processors available.

If you're on a budget, consider the cost-effective 9th and 10th-generation processors or the entry-level Pentium Silver and Pentium Gold processors. Each generation includes Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 variants, with i9 being the most powerful. We also offer Intel Xeon Processors for servers and workstations. Choose the right processor for your needs - Core i3 for everyday tasks, i5 for light gaming and photo editing, i7 for high-end tasks, and i9 for maximum power.

AMD Processors

AMD Ryzen processors deliver strong gaming, streaming, and VR performance with their innovative Zen architecture. They're cost-effective for multi-core computing, including the latest Ryzen 5000 series catering to different user needs.

Intel processors, on the other hand, are known for stability, compatibility, and excellent single-threaded performance, making them ideal for tasks like content creation and software development. AMD Ryzen offers budget-friendly high-performance computing with a focus on multi-threading, while Intel excels in compatibility and single-threaded tasks. Your choice depends on your specific needs and priorities.

Processor Core, Thread, Socket, and Graphics

Processor cores are responsible for executing tasks and running software, much like the engine in a car. More cores mean better multitasking. Threads simulate extra cores, which are useful for multitasking and demanding software. To upgrade your CPU, you'll need a motherboard with a matching socket.

Some processors have integrated graphics for everyday tasks and light gaming, but dedicated graphics cards are essential for gaming and video editing. Understanding cores, threads, sockets, and graphics options helps you make informed choices for your computing needs.

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